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Essay by Dean Bowen
May 2005 Galerie Miyawaki, Kyoto - Catalogue

This exhibition revolves around the theme of the journey. While commuting daily between my home and studio, the spectacle of cars, suburban landscapes and everyday life all became a source of inspiration for these new works.

The fast moving speeding car, the cautionary, almost stationary, steps of a turtle, or the pause of the working farmer to watch an industrious bird, all evolved as subjects, charting various and different excursions.

Our travels are often contemplative journeys. Whether in a crowded city or through open rural landscapes our thoughts move with us.

The meditative nature of travel, both through long journeys or arduous challenges often enhances our spirituality and revives our imagination, reinvigorating us. We watch meditatively, captivated and transfixed by the passing parade of both landscape and humanity.

The journey acts as a symbol, both physically and psychologically, taking us beyond ourselves, enhancing and reminding us of the preciousness of life.

The vast landscape and infinite stars, along with a comets return to earth, informs us of the enormity, yet fragility of the universe.

Dean Bowen
Published in Journey
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